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February 2017

When a child has homework.

It’s that feeling of anticipation after you’ve asked a child if they have any homework to do this weekend.

“Yes Dad, the letter is in my book bag” my little monkey man answers.

As I peer in to the depths of his book bag eventually I rummage around enough to find the said letter and unfold it. It’s like waiting to see who’s won an Oscar! The suspense!

Thoughts rush around my head – will it be Maths? Will it be English? And how much of a struggle will I have over the weekend?

Yay!!! Upon reading the letter I learn that the task this weekend is ART!!! 3d Art!

Over the Friday and Saturday all cardboard boxes and toilet rolls must report to the front desk and await their fate.

We collected 3 toilet rolls, some beer packaging (ahem), cereal box, a – wait for it -Linda McCartney Veggie Sausages box and a few other cardboardy-type things.

On Sunday, after consulting with the boy about ideas on what we should construct. The most natural thing came t0 mind, a ROBOT!

“Nah!”, said my little one, “everyone will do a robot.” So it was back to the drawing board. Tough client :-).

Soon he settle on every boy’s dream – a TANK! Nice and easy thought Dad.

We soon got to work, stacking the boxes, and cutting the boxes to make the tank body and then taping the loo rolls together to make a tank gun barrel. It was great fun!

With all of the pieces finally glued and taped in position we all stood back and was proud of our effort.

“When do we paint it Dad?”, asked the young’un.

Dad thought for a bit and then told the kids to get their shoes and coats on – we’re going for a ride!

He drove down to Halfords as Dad had visions of respraying bike when he was younger. We spent a bit of time discussing the merits of undercoat and proceeded to buy two cans of spray paint. One of grey undercoat, one of camo brown.

On returning to the house we set up a makeshift spray booth in the garage and started to cover the tank shape thing in grey undercoat – wow, the boxes united visually to reveal a proper tank!

We retreated into the living room to let the paint dry. We then cut out wavy strips of paper to make a mask for the camo shapes.

After we had finished cutting out – the tank was dry to touch. Time for some camo stripes.

We draped the camo shapes over the tank at spaced intervals and sprayed the camo brown paint onto the masks.

The gun turret was sprayed freehand. The nippers were jumping around the garage in excitement. All good stuff.

With the paint dried. Dad printed out some flags and numbers for the nippers to cut out and tick on the tank.


Open All Hours

Powderdust Open All Hours

Yes indeed folks! The Powderdust studio was open all weekend to keep up with the schedule and keep ahead of the errr graphics curve (if there is such a thing).

Tasks this weekend included:

  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • 3D (using Blender – nice!)
  • Planning

As you can see – we had a lot on. But all good, enjoyable, creative stuff.

Oh yeah I had my son’s 3D homework to <cough!> help with. I’ll pop it in the next blog.


Wow! The new Japanese poster for Kong, Skull Island looks awesome.

What is it about Japanese text that makes a poster look cool? I’m sure we’ll be seeing more in the new Blade Runner film.