Steven Grimmer starts a Media Studies course at Leicester University. Ideas of graphic design.


Steven Grimmer buys his first PC. Gets online with a 56k modem and registers www.powderdust.com


First job as a graphic designer. Meets Powderdust’s sales person Nick Davies for the first time.

Powderdust brand is used to front a dance/clubbing website.


Move down to London. Multiple jobs as a Graphic Designer. Cutting his teeth in the capital, Steve Grimmer now turns Powderdust into a Graphic Design company.


Move back up to Leicester and work on early Internet broadcasting (well before YouTube). Also working with SMS delivery systems using the power of Internet 2.0.

Meet German Stefan Richter (now in charge of Powderdust Hosting) make good friends. A friendship that has lasted until this very day.


Steve went across to Australia to have a look around. Still with his fingers in the media pie, Steve set up Powderdust Media Design  as an Australian company and started trading in Aus.


Fresh back from Australia Steve worked supplying graphics to printers in Leicestershire. Steve started selling Direct Mail as an option to his skills.


Powderdust ramps up a notch selling graphic services to the financial services sector and the retirement homes sector.

Powderdust teams up with Rob Gascoigne of Gascoigne Design Associates  (GDA) to build a strong strategic alliance for print and online solutions.

Steve meets great friend Simon Bailey now head of Web Application Development at Powderdust.


Powderdust builds up its product range. Ecommerce, large scale graphics. Google Analytics, SEO and online ad campaigns.

Powderdust starts selling graphic services to the Travel Sector.


Powderdust moves its main office down to Hampshire whilst still retaining an office in Leicestershire and London.

Steven’s partner, Rachel Lee, starts Diamond Milestones, a project management company.


Steven works with Cunard Cruises in Southampton. Cunard undertake a corporate rebrand that involves in-house designers and London-based agency Start J G.


Powderdust supplies graphic services to local printers.

Powderdust makes big moves towards supplying eCommerce systems.

Sales offices open in Newquay, Cornwall offering print and web services and in Rotterdam, Holland offering eCommerce solutions.


Sounds corny but this is your year. Weather you are a leaver or a remainer, Brexit will bring ups and downs to your market sector. Powderdust are there to help promote your business, look out for new markets and help you gain more sales.

We want to make the current changes in the world work for your business.